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Martin Bellinger

Martin Bellinger is a highly regarded senior “C – level” executive in large-scale urban regeneration and redevelopment with over 30 years’ experience. He started his career in volume housebuilders, but switched into the Housing Association sector in the recession of 1991 – 94. He became Head of Development for a large RP – Hyde Group, before returning to the private sector in 1994, rising up the ranks to become a Managing Director by the age of 35.

By the mid-2000’s Martin had moved from the PLC housebuilder fraternity into private development vehicles, and then founded Essential Land with two Partners in late 2008. Essential Land is a specialist development management advisor with established large-scale regeneration schemes in Dartford, Beckenham and Sittingbourne totalling over 1,500 new homes plus related commercial, retail and community offerings. Its client base includes Delancey and Carval Investors. Essential Land has a track record of obtaining planning consents at local level on major sites in difficult circumstances, often in a contrary to policy environment.

In addition, Martin developed three small suburban housing schemes under the Essential Land branding.

In late 2012, Martin became a Founding Partner of one of the UK’s leading Build to Rent (BtR) businesses – Essential Living. Martin is an accomplished and visionary leader with a substantial track record in senior management. He is a well-known ambassador for BtR, with political, funding and corporate connections at the highest levels, and is a confident orator and commentator, with appearances on BBC radio, in major national newspapers and the property press, and a regular speaker at industry-wide events and conferences.

In 2015 Martin helped to introduce the concept of Discount Market Rent (DMR) – a new affordable housing product designed specifically for BtR schemes and successfully lobbied for it to be introduced as official housing policy at both the regional (GLA London Housing Strategy 2017) and national (Housing White Paper 2017) levels.

Since 2017, Martin has operated his own property consultancy, providing advice and leadership to a range of clients in the development, contracting and education spheres. Much of this period has been spent as Chairman of a significant Tier 2 contractor, Guildmore Limited, who perform construction services to major public sector clients including Registered Providers and Local Authorities.

Martin sits on the British Property Federation Build to Rent sub-committee. He is a Founding Member of the Better Renting Group, and was a Commissioner on the London Development Commission. In addition, he is a Board Member of Local Space – a small Housing Association based in Stratford in East London.


David Batty

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